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Our climate projects
Thanks to CO2 compensation (also called ‘offsetting’), we can develop local climate projects where they cannot finance it themselves.

We support only projects of highest quality (certified by Gold Standard, UN or other high quality certifications). The objective of our projects is multiple: CO2 emissions reduction, local sustainable development, improve health, incomes and standard of living for households in developing countries.

Provide safe water and prevent deforestation in Uganda
Read our detailed project sheet
Efficient cookstoves climate project
Read our detailed project sheet

Belgian environmental projects (non certified climate projects).

Here some projects we like in Belgium. These people work to improve the knowledge about the environment and improve biodiversity. (non certified climate projects)

GoodPlanet develops and supports projects, trainings and teaching packages on all sustainability themes. To this end, fifty co-workers and dozens of volunteers from all over the country devote their knowhow and passion for sustainable development on a daily basis. GoodPlanet focuses on children and young people. GoodPlanet's educational co-workers work to raise awareness among more than 300,000 children and young people annually. (non certified climate projects).

More info about our projects ‘Nature and biodiversity’?

Caring for our planet is becoming more and more important to our society and our world. Fortunately, many citizens launch innovative and sustainable initiatives to contribute to a better environment. The foundation Be Planet supports these local, sustainable and innovative projects with a positive and clear impact on the environment, led by the civil society, by raising funds from those who are also concerned by the environment and who want to turn the tide.

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