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Become a partner

How do you work with companies?
Travel professionals that want to integrate the concerns of their customers regarding the climate impact of their trip, find a credible and concrete solution at Greentripper.

Greentripper can help you on 4 different axes:
  • Impact calculation of your travel offer & global carbon footprint.
  • CO2e-impact reduction plan : we offer you realistic reduction targets. We co-create with you solutions to reduce the climate impact of your travel offer, beyond carbon contribution.
  • Financial carbon contribution : contribute for 100% of your travel impact by supporting sustainable projects in developing countries and/or Europe.
  • Support for your external and internal communication. We help you talk about your climate action and avoid greenwashing. We also organise inspiring workshops on low-carbon travel for your employees.
Are you a company that wants to limit the environmental impact of your employees?
  1. Inform your employees about greenhouse gas emissions from transport (business travel, commuting, etc.) : not only air travel but also the commute from home to work with a company car, for instance.
  2. Opt for tele- and video-conferencing when it's possible to avoid plane travel. You will save time and money and it will be better for the environment too. Greentripper can help you reduce the environmental impact of business trips by advising you on a sustainable travel policy. For unavoidable trips, consider the carbon contribution. Contact us and we will guide you: info@greentripper.org.
  3. For accommodation, you can choose a hotel that is committed to the environment.

  4. At Greentripper, we propose you also to organize workshops to give your employees the keys to limit their business travel impact .
Are you a company or travel agency that wants to act at the local level as well?
For the emissions of your business travel or your travel offer, Greentripper also proposes Glocal Climate Actions by combining Global and Local projects!

By contributing for 100% of your CO2e emissions from your travel, you financially support a certified climate project, enabling it to reduce, avoid, or sequester the same amount of CO2e emissions as those emitted during your trip. In addition to your carbon contribution, a portion will go towards a European environmental project. We are already working with European associations, but don't hesitate to propose yours!

Click here to learn more about Glocal Climate Actions.