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About us

Greentripper is your partner to calculate & compensate your trip’s carbon footprint. Whether you travel for pleasure, leisure or business, Greentripper enables you to give back to nature, and more specifically to climate. Greentripper gives you a solution to neutralize the CO2 impact of your travel. We guarantee your contribution makes a difference. The proposed climate projects are Gold Standard or UNFCCC certified. Greentripper and CO2logic are verified by multiple organizations – including by Forum Ethibel and Vinçotte.

CO2 compensation of your trip, what does it mean?

If you compensate by making a financial contribution for a CO2 reduction project in a developing country, there will be a CO2 reduction in this project equal to the CO2 emitted by your travel. This reduction would not happen without your support. Climate change is a global problem. The same benefit for the planet is achieved if we reduce a ton of CO2 here or a ton of CO2 in the developing countries. The advantage for the planet is worth it. We offer you, through CO2logic, 10 years of experience and an excellent reputation in international climate advisory & climate project development. We have & develop climate projects with local NGOs in Uganda, Benin, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Togo & DRC.