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About us

Greentripper is a Belgian initiative of CO2logic, the leading organization in Belgium and among the pioneers in Europe to lead its customers towards CO2 neutrality (calculate, reduce & offset) and to develop high-quality, certified climate projects.

The Greentripper tool allows to calculate the CO2 footprint of trips and to compensate for their impact on the climate by contributing financially to a CO2 reduction project. Greentripper guarantees concrete action and works with certified climate projects (e.g. the Gold Standard label) that are selected, supported and/or developed by CO2logic .

We are audited by Forum Ethibel, (an independent auditor), and Vinçotte.

We travel for pleasure, for leisure or for work and this unfortunately has an impact on the climate and the environment. Greentripper allows us to give back to nature what it gives to us.
CO2 compensation of your trip, what does it mean?

Offsetting means making a financial contribution to a climate project in a developing country. Your money is used to finance a reduction in CO2 emissions equivalent to the CO2 emitted for your transportation. This reduction would not be possible without your support!

Thanks to our sister company, CO2logic, with over 13 years of experience, we offer you an excellent reputation in the development of CO2 reduction projects (mainly in Africa) and in climate change consulting at the international level. We have and are constantly developing climate projects in collaboration with local NGOs in Uganda, Benin, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Togo, DRC...