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Climate projects

What does 1 tonne of CO2e represent for the climate projects that Greentripper supports?
With the Greentripper calculator, you can calculate the CO2e impact of your trip and contribute to climate projects for 100% of your CO2e emissions at a global level.

With your financial contribution to reduce 1 tonne of CO2e , you invest in the following actions:

Act Global – Greentripper supports 4 types of project on Global level: Water, Fire, Wind and Forest projects.

  • Forest - “Agroforestry in Kenya” : 75 trees saved (or 1.4 hectares of protected forest), an area of 11 ares managed according to sustainable agriculture practices for one year and the training of a farmer in sustainable agriculture techniques for 3 months.
  • Water – “Rehabilitate wells in Rwanda” : 4 weeks during which households have direct access to clean water. They don't have to boil water with firewood, which helps avoid deforestation. More specifically, a tonne of CO2e contributed means giving access to 846 liters of drinking water and saving 5,8 trees.
  • Fire – “Gyapa cookstoves in Ghana” : 2 efficient cookstoves to enable a family of 4 or 5 people in Ghana to cook for 4 months and save 3 tonnes of wood.
  • Wind – ‘Wind turbines in India” : 1,02 MWh renewable energy generated from wind turbines that provide 0.94 household for a year thanks to your contribution.

Greentripper also support certified climate projects in other counties. Contact us at info@greentripper.org.

Act Local – “Support farmers in Europe” : for every tonne of CO2e contributed, you enable the management of 67 ares under sustainable farming practices.

Act Glocal – Support a certified climate project at a global level, and go beyond CO2e -contribution by supporting a local initiative:
  • Go Forest plants trees in Europe and around the world. In addition to your certified contribution, an a tree will be planted with impact in Belgium.
  • PlantC participates in hedge and fruit tree planting projects in Belgium, for biodiversity.
  • River Cleanup collects waste in rivers. For every ton of CO2e contributed on a certified level, you will also be contributing to the collection of 3 kg of waste in rivers, on riverbanks and on our beaches.
  • GoodPlanet Belgium educates young people about sustainable development.
Which projects does Greentripper support?
We support the following projects:

For our Global Climate Actions:
  • Forest projects: The Agroforestry Projects promote and implement a package of sustainable agricultural land management (SALM) practices within smallholder farming systems. These practices are more resilient against climate change, result in a higher crop yield and more importantly, they keep the soil healthy. This protects the forest while planting more trees, and it improves the livelihoods of farmers by giving a higher and more stable income.
  • Cookstove projects: Conventional cooking methods using solid fuels on open fires or rudimentary cookstoves are inefficient, unhealthy, and unsafe. Their negative impacts range from the extensive time and costs required for wood/charcoal collection to the negative impact on public health and the environment.
  • The objective of these projects is to support the development and distribution of efficient stoves that reduce the use of wood and/or charcoal by 50%. Thanks to these projects, it is possible to reduce the pressure on local forests and biodiversity, to support families, to stimulate economic activity and to improve the health situation.
  • Water projects: In some developing countries, water is collected from polluted sources and, in order to make it safe to drink, it must first be boiled. This process leads to deforestation as wood is the main source of fuel in many developing countries. In addition, the process of burning wood is bad for (indoor) air quality and causes many respiratory problems. The main objective of the WATER projects is to repair damaged wells as well as to drill new ones and maintain them in the long term. To ensure that the water is safe to drink, it is tested regularly. Water projects provide households with access to clean water, protect forests, improve sanitation and save time and money.
  • Wind projects: The power grid in many developing countries are damagingly reliant on fossil fuel based power plants. These countries are high on coal dependency, emitting huge amounts of CO2e . As a consequence, the energy sector contributes to pollution and poor air quality. The Wind Projects build wind turbines, providing the power grid with clean, renewable energy and stimulates the transition to a low carbon economy.

  • For more information, click here.

For our Local Climate Actions:
  • Support farmers in transition to regenerative agriculture in Belgium, France and the UK. This Soil Capital project generates carbon credits by storing carbon in the soil. This stored carbon constitutes the humus, and therefore the fertility of our soils. This project allows farmers to calculate their carbon impact and act accordingly. They are also setting up partnerships with several players in the agri-food sector to support them in their transition to large-scale regenerative agriculture with their producers, which finally makes it possible to reconcile the economic and environmental performance of farms.

  • For more information, click here.
For our Glocal Climate Actions:

  • Plant trees in Belgium or another European country, in collaboration with GoForest.
  • Plant hedges and fruit trees for biodiversity in Belgium, in collaboration with PlantC.
  • Clean our local rivers to avoid that our waste ends up in the ocean, in collaboration with River Cleanup.
  • Support sustainable development through education , in collaboration with Goodplanet.
  • Support local citizen initiatives , in collaboration with Be Planet.

  • For more information, click here.
Guarantees of the climate projects you support with Greentripper
Greentripper supports climate projects that meet the highest requirements. When you contribute to climate projects through the Greentripper calculator, you get a personalized certificate which guarantees your positive impact on the climate projects, These certificates include the global "Certified CO2e -contribution" label and/or local "Sustainable Local Contribution" label, depending on your choice of climate action.

What has already been achieved thanks to Greentripper's CO2e contribution?
Thanks to you, we could contribute to a reduction of 44.700 tonnes of CO2e e between 2018 & 2022.

Together we will create an even bigger positive impact on the environment in the next months and year.
For what reason(s) does Greentripper support climate projects in developing countries?
We share only ONE atmosphere. Whether you emit a tonne of CO2e in the United States, Europe, Africa or Asia, the result for our climate is the same. With the same sum of money, we can reduce far more CO2 emissions in developing countries than in the United States or Europe.

Many people travel around the world, so it makes sense to support projects abroad, in places where people need them most. Our developed countries are in large measure responsible for climate change while developing countries will be the ones to suffer most from the result. The population of these countries is currently booming (particularly in Asia and Africa), so let us help developing countries keep CO2e emissions down. "In a global economy, we have a global responsibility." (CO2logic).

In order to limit climate change, we need to act at all levels: in developing countries and here in Europe, in certified climate projects and in other social and environmental projects.
Click here to see our Global projects and our Local projects.

You can also choose to act Glocal, by combining Global and Local Climate Actions!
With your carbon contribution, you enable a project to sequester the same amount of CO2e emissions as those emitted during your journey. On top of your CO2e contribution, a part of your contribution will go to a European enviroonmental project.
Click here to learn more about Glocal Climate Actions.
We wish to act more locally. Do you propose Belgian local CO2e sustainable projects?
Greentripper also support climate projects closer to home. These projects are not certified by an internationally recognized standard yet, but your support could help them to achieve this.

With your carbon contribution, you enable a local project to sequester the same amount of CO2e emissions as those emitted during your journey.

You can also act Glocal by combining Global and Local Climate Actions!
By contributing to a reduction of the CO2e emissions of your trip on a Glocal level, your financial contribution reduces the same amount of CO2e emissions as were emitted during your trip. In addition to your CO2e contribution, a portion will go to a European sustainable project.