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What we do for you

Greentripper is made for people who like to travel with respect for the environment. We provide a tool to calculate your impact and to help you in your choices, and offer you to neutralise the CO2 impact of your trip. We give you the guarantee of concrete climate action: one tonne of CO2 offset corresponds to one ton of CO2 avoided or absorbed elsewhere. The projects offered by Greentripper meet high requirements so that your CO2 compensation really makes a difference.
We travel for pleasure, for leisure or for work, but this has an impact on the climate and the environment.
Greentripper allows us to give back to nature what it gives us by taking concrete action on our climate impact and our CO2 emissions.
We also help companies reduce the impact of business travel. Do not hesitate to contact us: info@greentripper.org.
CO2 reduction projects

The development of CO2 reduction projects that we support in developing countries is possible thanks to the voluntary CO2 compensation system. By offsetting the CO2 emitted by your travels, you allow these projects to exist!

For the climate, it is obviously preferable not to take transportation such as the plane or the car, but we don't always have a choice. It is better to compensate and support climate projects than to do nothing at all!

CO2 compensation is one of the concrete solutions that really makes a difference.
Find out more about our climate projects here
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