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Seppe Smits
Seppe Smits is a professional snowboarder from Belgium, a country with no mountains. But this didn’t stop him from becoming a two time world champion. Throughout the years, he’s traveled around the world chasing winter and has seen the continuing decrease of snow quality and has seen glaciers shrink. When he’s not snowboarding, Seppe continues to explore the world together with his girlfriend, Kaat De Malsche. They challenge themselves to do these trips with a minimal ecological footprint. Besides that, he also pursues a zero-waste lifestyle and manages to produce less than 1 bag of garbage a year. Together with GreenTripper he wants to help make people more eco conscious decisions by giving them valuable tips and tricks.
Cedric Dumont
“Born in Brussels, he’s one of the best and famous base jumpers in the world. All his live is based on high-risk sports and adventure. "It’s about freedom and involvement. My work allows me to go to amazing places and it teaches me respect for the environment and for the others. That’s why I wanted to support Greentripper".
He’s not only an extreme athlet, but Cédric is also graduated in ‘sport and performance psychology’.
Thomas de Dorlodot
The sky adventurer Thomas de Dorlodot is one of the best paraglider pilots in the world. Passionate about travels and adventure, he roams the world with his team in search of amazing places to paraglide. He comes back from the SEARCH shipments with incredible and unusual pictures to share with everyone. Specialist of bivouac flying, Tom de Dorlodot goes across the mountain ranges on foot and paragliding (without drive). This man who loves de sky and sea is currently preparing a boat to circumnavigate the earth with the team ‘SEARCH’. ««I am very grateful for everything nature offers me and at the same time I realise how fragile it is. This is why I have decided to support Greentripper!»
Jill Peeters
In 2000, Jill started working as a weather presenter at VTM, the Flemish commercial television channel.

In 2009, she received theprice of the best climate expert in Europa.

Greentripper is a very nice initiative that gives people the possibility to give back to the nature while they (have to) travel! I'm convinced that weather presenters can reach and convince a lot of people. Everybody used to ask me "what the weather would be like", but more and more people want to know "what the climate will be". “I've been writing articles in newspapers, on websites and forums, … I give lectures in schools, to (energy) companies and I also helped organised a climate concert. And still I’m convinced there's so much more to be done because the message doesn’t get through in Belgium. Really, we’re the worst pupils.